Chapter Outline

Why on Earth are You Here? Exploring a new dimension of the human experience through a better way of understanding ourselves and our life's purpose

Chapter 1: Who do you think you are?
What we believe to be true about ourselves and our world determine how we look for our life’s purpose and what we do when we find it. We discover how beliefs influence our behaviour and why it is difficult to change them.
Chapter 2: Positive thinking gets us nowhere
What motivates us to take action to find our life’s purpose? We look at the problems we face when taking that action. We discover why whether we find our life’s purpose or not, our purpose for being here on Earth can never be unfulfilled.
Chapter 3: Who is God really?
What we believe our life’s purpose to be will be strongly influenced by what we believe to be true about God. We discover how we adopt these beliefs and how they affect our way of understanding ourselves and our life’s purpose.
Chapter 4: Who are you really?
In this chapter we question the very foundation of what we call "reality" and how the answers to these questions determine who we believe ourselves to be. We explore the concept of "time" and discover why it is the key to answering the question "who are you really?".
Chapter 5: What on Earth is going on here?
Is it possible that our physical senses make us believe that what we experience as real is not real at all? Could this be the reason that we as "all knowing" spirits willingly enter a challenging human experience of pain and ultimately death?
Chapter 6: Making sense of good, evil, right and wrong
We challenge our new way of understanding ourselves and find we need a new perspective on good, evil, right and wrong. What is a vicarious experience and why it is fundamental to our way of understanding and our life’s purpose?
Chapter 7: Why does God let bad things happen to good people?
We explore the concept of advanced souls and their role in helping evolving souls evolve. We discover what a theatre of experience is and how adversity creates the opportunity for us to experience courage, self-awareness and freedom.
Chapter 8: The reason why we do not live our life’s purpose
Using Stephen Covey’s four quadrants we can see why, with our current way of understanding, it is almost impossible for us to live our life’s purpose. We explore the concept of life’s purpose as a calling and why this idea is incompatible with us being facets of an unconditionally loving God.
Chapter 9: Free to find your life’s purpose technique
Why is it that even though we may be motivated to find our life’s purpose, many of us search for years and never find it? In this chapter we discover that it is our beliefs about our life’s purpose that stop us from finding it. You will be guided through the Free to Find Your Life’s Purpose Technique to discover what that purpose is and the actions you can take to start living it.
Chapter 10: Money
Money has a vitally important role to play in the world as we have created it today and mastering money is a key to experiencing the fulfilment of living our life’s purpose. In this chapter we look at the relationship between money, time and our life’s purpose and answer the question "can money buy us happiness?".
Chapter 11: Living your life’s purpose
Why do we not give up our jobs and start living our life’s purpose today? We look at the three big life’s purpose stoppers and how to deal with them and we see how we can overlay our life’s purpose over our current life circumstances. What is a sponsoring activity and how will it enable you to acquire the skills you may need to generate income from your life’s purpose?
Chapter 12: Masters of the human experience
Why is it that a master soul can do what appears to be miraculous and how are they are an insight into who we can become and what we can do?

Chapter 13: Entering a new dimension of the human experience
In this chapter we bring together the key concepts explored throughout the book. We look at three beliefs that would enable us to create an evolutionary loop and open the gateway to a whole new dimension of the human experience.

P.S. you can download the audio of the Free to Find Your Life’s Purpose Technique from chapter 9 here.

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